Traffic-measurement and analysis

The internet-site uses Google Analytics to measure how much traffic there is, and has been at the internet-site at different times, including for different pages on the internet-site, where the traffic is coming from (countries and municipalities), how big part of part of the traffic which is from returning visitors and new visitors, etc.
The traffic-data is received in an anonymous form.


The purpose with the traffic-measurement and analysis, is to contribute to, that those parts of the mission and helping-work which has to do with the web-site, shall work best possible,.. and to get a better foundation to evaluate the use of resources, on the different parts of the mission and helping-work which in greater or lesser degree involves the web-site.




To measure and analyse the traffic on the web-site (see above), Google Analytics sets three different cookies, which is named; _ga, _gat, and _gid.